Quality assurance and certificates

Many see quality assurance as something unnecessary that only result in extra cost. We think that careful quality assurance minimizes risk of errors, and therefore results in great savings.

  • Achilles

    Achilles creates and manages a global network of collaborative industry communities, allowing trading partners to share high quality, structured, real-time data.

    Using cloud-based technology and industry expertise we act as an independent partner, providing validated data and insightful analytics to enable buyers across a sector to identify and manage risk and suppliers to increase market reach while increasing compliance and minimising costs for the network as a whole.

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  • Paper Province

    The Paper Province coordinate and develop cooperation among member companies in the pulp and paper technology industry in Värmland, northern Dalsland and Örebro.

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  • Povel

    Povel is a management system for handling quality, environmental and health/safety issues, mainly for companies in the Swedish Construction Federation.

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  • The Swedish Construction Federation

    The Swedish Construction Federation (BI) represents the interests of the construction industry in Sweden.

    The Swedish Construction Federation is the trade and employers’ association of the private construction companies. Among its more than 3.200 member companies there are only about twenty groups with more than one hundred employees and just over 1.400 companies with ten or fewer employees.

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